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Gulet Dea Del Mare under full sail in the Aegean Sea

Exploring the Allure of Turkish Gulet Boat Charters

We’re glad you visited Luna yacht Charter, your starting point for amazing yacht charter experiences in Turkey and Greece.

In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of Turkish gulet boats, highlighting their unique features, the distinction between yachts and gulets, the joys of gulet sailing, and much more. Join us as we uncover the history, size, costs, and gulet hire options in Turkey associated with Turkish gulet charters.

Queen of Datca - Traditional Turkish Gulet
Queen of Datca | Gulet Rental Marmaris

What is a Turkish Gulet Boat?

A Turkish gulet boat is a traditional wooden sailing vessel originating from the southwestern coast of Turkey. With their distinctive design and charm, gulets offer an authentic and memorable cruising experience. Luna Yacht Charter provides access to a fleet of meticulously maintained gulets for your gulet hire in Turkey.

What is the History of the Turkish gulet?

The history of the Turkish gulet dates back centuries, with these vessels initially being used for fishing and transportation along the Turkish coastline. Over time, their design evolved, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern amenities, leading to the luxurious gulet charters we have today.

Luna Yacht Charter takes pride in offering gulet hire services that honor the rich heritage of Turkish gulets while providing the utmost comfort and style.

What does Gulet Mean in English?

The word “gulet” originates from the Turkish word “gulet,” meaning “schooner” or “wooden vessel.” It perfectly encapsulates the essence of these traditional wooden boats with their distinctive design and charm. Experience the authentic beauty of gulets with our gulet hire services in Turkey.

What is the Difference Between a Yacht and a Gulet?

gulet capricorn sailing
Luxury Gulet Charter Greece with Capricorn 1 Yacht

While both yachts and gulets offer luxurious cruising options, there are key distinctions between them. Yachts typically have a sleeker, modern design with a focus on speed and performance.

Gulets, on the other hand, boast a traditional appearance and provide a more relaxed and spacious atmosphere, blending comfort with a touch of Turkish heritage.

Luna Yacht Charter offers gulet hire in Turkey, allowing you to experience the unique charm of these vessels firsthand.

What is the Size of a Gulet Yacht?

Gulet yachts vary in size, accommodating different group sizes and preferences. At Luna Yacht Charter, our fleet consists of gulets ranging from cozy vessels suitable for small groups to larger yachts capable of accommodating extended families or corporate events.

Each gulet offers comfortable cabins, spacious deck areas, and modern amenities for your enjoyment. Explore our diverse range of gulets available for hire in Turkey.

Is a Gulet a Boat?

Yes, a gulet is indeed a type of boat. These vessels are specifically designed for leisure and pleasure cruises, offering comfortable accommodations and ample deck space for relaxation, sunbathing and socializing.

Luna Yacht Charter specializes in providing top-notch gulet hire services throughout Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek and even Greece.

What is a Gulet Cruise Like?

A gulet cruise is a unique experience that allows you to navigate the stunning coastal waters of Turkey and Greece.

Gulet cruises offer a blend of relaxation, exploration and cultural immersion, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all guests. Discover the wonders of gulet cruises through our gulet hire services in Turkey.

What Amenities are Typically Available on a Turkish Gulet?

Turkish gulets are equipped with a variety of amenities to enhance your comfort and enjoyment during your charter. These can include spacious cabins with en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, Wi-Fi connectivity, a fully equipped kitchen, a dining area, a cozy lounge and outdoor spaces for lounging and sunbathing.

Luna Yacht Charter offers gulets with modern amenities, ensuring a luxurious and relaxing experience.

Are Crew Members Provided on a Gulet Charter?

Yes, when you hire a gulet in Turkey with Luna Yacht Charter, you can expect a professional and experienced crew to be included in your charter.

The crew typically consists of a captain, deckhands, and a chef. They will take care of navigation, maintenance, cooking delicious meals, and ensuring your comfort throughout the journey, allowing you to relax and enjoy your gulet charter to the fullest.

How Much Does a Turkish Gulet Cost?

The cost of hiring a Turkish gulet can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the gulet, the duration of the charter and the time of year.

Luna Yacht Charter understands the importance of providing cost-effective options. Our gulet hire services in Turkey offer a range of pricing options to suit various budgets, ensuring that you can embark on a memorable gulet charter experience without compromising quality or breaking the bank.

Can I Customize My Itinerary during a Gulet Charter?

Absolutely! With Luna Yacht Charter’s gulet hire services in Turkey, you have the flexibility to customize your itinerary based on your preferences. Whether you wish to explore historical sites, visit secluded beaches or experience vibrant coastal towns, our team will work closely with you to create a personalized itinerary that reflects your desires and maximizes your enjoyment of the Turkish coast and islands.

Are Gulet Charters Suitable for Families or Large Groups?

Queen of Salmakis with Jacuzzi - Gulet Charter in Turkey
Queen of Salmakis | Gulet Charter in Bodrum

Yes, gulet charters are an excellent choice for families or large groups. Luna Yacht Charter offers a range of gulets that can accommodate varying group sizes, from intimate family getaways to corporate events or celebrations. With spacious cabins, ample deck areas, and dedicated crew, a gulet charter provides a comfortable and memorable experience for everyone on board.

What is the Best Time of Year for a Gulet Charter in Turkey?

The sailing season in Turkey typically runs from April to October, with the peak season being July and August. However, gulet charters can be enjoyed throughout the season, and each period has its own unique charm. The shoulder seasons of April-May and September-October often offer pleasant weather, fewer crowds, and more affordable prices.

Luna Yacht Charter can assist you in selecting the ideal time for your gulet hire in Turkey based on your preferences and availability.

Babylon Gulet al fresco dining
Babylon Gulet: Luxury Yacht Charter in Turkey and Greece


Embarking on a gulet charter in Turkey is an incredible opportunity to explore the captivating beauty of the Turkish coast and nearby Greek islands. With Luna Yacht Charter’s gulet hire services, you can experience the allure of traditional Turkish gulets while enjoying modern comforts and personalized itineraries.

As a reputable yacht charter company based in Bodrum, Luna Yacht Charter offers unparalleled expertise and a wide range of gulets to choose from. With additional charter services available in Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek and even Greece, we are here to provide exceptional gulet charter services in Turkey. Our gulets are meticulously maintained and our experienced crew members are dedicated to ensuring your comfort and satisfaction throughout your charter.

Contact Luna Yacht Charter today and let us guide you towards an unforgettable journey along the mesmerizing Turkish coast or the captivating Greek islands.