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2 Week Gulet Charter Bodrum-Gokova-Hisaronu-Bodrum

traditional wooden gulet at gokova bay

A blue tour package on a traditional sailing wooden goulet boat from Bodrum, Turkey, could be the perfect choice if you’re looking for a unique way to spend your vacation. This 15-day blue cruise tour along the Aegean coast visits several breathtaking.

2-Week Gulet Charter Destinations

Here’s what you can expect from breathtaking destinations:

2-week gulet charter

Day 1: Bodrum

The tour begins with a welcome cocktail to meet your captain and crew and learn about the blue voyage. You’ll spend the night in Bodrum Harbor, which is known for its clear sea, abundant sun and warm people. Bodrum is a port city that was called “Karya-Halicarnassus” in ancient times and is famous for the Mausolus Mausoleum. You should also visit Bodrum Castle and the Underwater Archeology Museum.

Day 2: Orak Island, Çökertme Bay

bodrum - cokertme bay - 2-week gulet charter

Orak Island is a beautiful spot with crystal blue waters and is known for its rich marine life. You’ll have the chance to swim as much as you want on the island. Çökertme Bay is a famous spot among boaters, surrounded by pine and olive trees. You can enjoy local restaurants and watch the Oriental shows held at night.

Day 3: Cedar Island – Cleopatra Island, English Harbor

Cleopatra Island
Cleopatra Island

Cedar Island, also known as Cleopatra Island or City Island, is famous for Cleopatra Beach and the ancient city of Cedrae. You can view the ruins of the walls and ancient theaters. Cleopatra and Antony allegedly swam in the north-west of Cedar Island and it is believed that the sands were brought from North Africa. The English Harbor is a port that was hidden by British navy ships during the First World War.

Day 4: Karacasöğüt

Karacasöğüt is located below the largest bay, Gökova and has an island and a closed cove at the entrance. You’ll spend the night in Karacasöğüt.

Day 5: Longoz Bay, Tuzla

Longoz (Löngöz) Bay
Longoz (Löngöz) Bay

Löngöz is one of the only areas where you can enjoy nature and contains the most beautiful bay in Gökova Bay. Tuzla Bay is a deep blue water bay, perfect for swimming. You’ll spend the night there.

Day 6: Seven Islands (Küfre/Long Harbor)

Seven Islands is ideal for fishing, sponge hunting and snorkeling. The Blasphemy is a beautiful natural port and you can enjoy a stroll there. You can visit Martil Island, where there is no one in the western section and relax in the south and east sections.

Day 7: Ada Strait, Mersincik Bay

Ada Strait is famous for its clear water, and Mersincik Bay is perfect for swimming. The term “Aquarium” refers to the pristine quality of the water in Ada Strait. There is a clear area in the sea that extends for about 30 meters below. You will be able to get some much-needed relaxation in the western region’s charming cove which features crystal blue waters.

Day 8: Palamutbuku and Fine Nose

Palamutbuku is a small but beautiful beach town on the Datca peninsula, famous for its picturesque beaches and ancient ruins. Visitors can enjoy the clean air and peaceful atmosphere that the town has to offer. One of the famous ancient ruins in Palamutbuku is Knidos, located at the tip of the peninsula. The town is also known for its warm hospitality and is a true paradise for those seeking natural beauty.

Day 9: Aktur and Bencik Bay


Aktur is a unique tourist spot that boasts the highest level of oxygen in the world. It is a warm tourism center that caters to its guests with all its facilities. On the other hand, Bencik Bay with its narrow entrance, offers a stunning view that separates the Gulf of Gokova from the Gulf of Hisaronu.

Day 10: Emel Sayin Bay and Orhaniye Bay

Orhaniye Bay
Orhaniye Bay

Emel Sayin Bay is a beautiful bay named after the famous Turkish classical music artist, Emel Sayin. The bay is known for its pine tree fragrance, clean beaches and mesmerizing views. It is an affordable holiday destination with hospitable locals. Later, we will move towards Orhaniye Bay and you can enjoy swimming in its waters.

Day 11: Selimiye Bay

Selimiye Bay
Selimiye Bay

Selimiye Bay is one of the gems of Hisaronu Bay and offers a magnificent view at sunset. The bay contains ancient ruins, including a watchtower, lighthouse, monastery and theatre. Foreign tourists actively visit the bay to see the Hellenistic ruins. The Bodrum Underwater Museum has valuable items found by American underwater archaeologists in the wreckage studies. Selimiye Bay is also famous for its clean seawater, abundant fish and olive trees.

Day 12: Dirsekbuku and Bozburun


Dirsekbuku is a stopover for almost every boat that travels from Bodrum to Marmaris. The bay has many sheltered bays to relax and meet travelers’ needs. Bozburun is famous for its sponge business and gulet yacht building sector. Its quality timbers and skilled craftsmen make it a priority for large companies. The yacht building sector has made Bozburun a well-known spot not only in Turkey but also in the world.

Day 13: Datca and Knidos


Datca is a peninsula located between the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, known for its ancient city of Knidos. The ancient city is also called the most beautiful city of the most beautiful goddess, Aphrodite. Visitors can enjoy a walk on the peninsula and witness the natural beauty.

Knidos is famous for its magnificent ruins, including a theater, two church ruins from the Byzantine period and the sacred temple of the goddess Aphrodite. The statue of Demeter, found in Knidos, is placed inthe British Museum.

Day 14: Karaada, Meteor Bay and Poyraz Harbor

Karaada is a famous spot located approximately 5 km away from Bodrum. It is renowned for its sulphurous waters and mud baths that are believed to have healing power. You can take a mud bath and enjoy the hot water and mud that comes from the cave, which helps in health and beauty. Poyraz Harbor and Meteor Bay offer you a chance to swim in warm waters and experience the beauty of nature.

Day 15 – Bodrum

After breakfast, our 2 Week Gulet Charter Bodrum-Gokova-Hisaronu-Bodrum ends at 10:30.