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Gocek Gulet Charter – 8 Day Blue Cruise to Kekova

Oludeniz (Dead Sea), Fethiye

A Gocek gulet charter to Kekova is an excellent getaway for those in search of a one-of-a-kind experience. This 8-day advanture will lead you through the stunning coast of Turkey, where you’ll visit charming villages, tranquil beaches and historic sites.

In this Gocek gulet charter vacation, we’ve listed some of the most beautiful and fascinating places that you can visit all while enjoying a relaxing sailing experience.

8-Day Gocek Gulet Charter Highlights

Gocek Gulet Charter

Day 1 Gocek, Tersane Island, Gemile Island

The first day of your journey will begin in Gocek. With Dalaman International airport only 20 minutes away, Gocek is a charming town nestled between Fethiye and Dalyan. This small town is famous for its six marinas, making it a popular starting point for yacht charters in the Mediterranean. After arriving in Gocek, you’ll visit Tersane Island and Gemile Island which offer ample anchorage for many yachts.

Day 2 Oludeniz (The Dead Sea), Butterfly Valley

Oludeniz (Dead Sea), Fethiye
Oludeniz (Dead Sea), Fethiye

On the second day of your Gocek Gulet Charter you’ll visit Oludeniz, a small village in the Fethiye district in the Mugla Province. Oludeniz means “Dead Sea” in Turkish, which comes from the calm waters that seem to shine like a pane of glass all year round.

It is one of the most visited and popular boat cruises on the Turquoise Coast of southwestern Turkey. The blue lagoon sits within a pebble beach enclosure, and the waters are crystal clear, aquamarine and varying shades of blue. Behind the town is Mount Babadag which is popular among paragliders.

Babadag, Fethiye
Babadag, Fethiye

Day 3: Yesilkoy, Kas

Next on your Gocek gulet charter program is Yesilkoy. Yesilkoy is a small village under the surrounding mountains. Its name means “green village” and its purpose was to provide shelter to farmers. Over time it grew into a small farming community that specializes in olives and maquis.

Day 4 Kaleucagiz, Kekova


On the fourth day, you’ll visit Kaleucagiz, Kekova. Theimussa is a beautiful bay located 36 kilometers east of Kas and it’s considered an important anchor for yachts. Theimussa bay is located very near the sunken city off the island of Kekova and you can see a castle that starts on a hill and ends underwater.

Day 5 Kalkan, Kaputas Beach

Kaputas Beach
Kaputas Beach

Kalkan is a must-see destination when boating in Turkey. This amazing town is built on the slopes of a mountain, providing a multi-layered white-washed view against a dark mountain backdrop. The town has both a small harbor and a thriving olive business, and they make a special olive soap unique to their town. Many properties in Kalkan are owned by foreign residents who come to stay for a few weeks during the year. The view of this town is magnificent with overflowing colors from the multiple storied terraces on one side and the clear bay waters shining under the sunlight during the day.

Day 6 Turunc Pinari, Kizil Ada

On day 6, you’ll visit Turunc Pinari, Kizil Ada. Turunc Pinari is on the eastern shore of the Gulf of Fethiye and it is lined by pine trees. It’s home to a lovely restaurant with a pier offering 15 moorings, supplying water provisions and restocking. If you take a short walk up the hillside, you’ll find a natural water spring under a walnut tree. Yachts usually anchor around 25 meters off the shore, providing a perfect spot for a short landside respite.

Day 7 Yassica Islands, Bedri Rahmi (Tasyaka) Bay, Kille Buku

Gulet Charter Fethiye, Yassica Islands
Yassica Islands

On the seventh day of your Gocek gulet charter, you will explore the beautiful Yasica islands located in the Gulf of Fethiye. These uninhabited islands offer a perfect setting for swimming, sailing, and relaxation. With secluded beaches and child-safe water sports, you can spend hours enjoying the quiet and fun activities with your family.

tango charlie alfresco area
Unforgettable Gocek Gulet Cruises with Gulet Tango Charlie

The stony beaches and shores make it essential to bring proper sea footwear. You can even swim from one island to the other, which is an exhilarating and competitive activity. Gocek is the nearest port and is where most day trippers come from. Make sure to stay for the sunset with your gulet, where you can capture romantic and breathtaking shots during the late hours of the day.

Day 8 Boynuzbuku, Gocek Island

On the last day of your Gocek Gulet Charter, you will visit Boynuzbuku bay, which is near Gocek. This bay is home to 12 uninhabited islands called the Adalar, offering visitors breathtaking scenery and waters to enjoy. The island has a small restaurant that serves local cuisine and freshly caught seafood platters. The bay area is covered with fruit trees that provide a fragrant shade, creating a perfect spot for relaxation.

Gocek Island is the starting point for the local 12 Islands Tour and is closest to the harbor which is only 10 minutes of sailing away. If you don’t want to sail, you can visit the island’s beach where many stop during their tour of the islands. Refreshments are available on Gocek Island throughout the sailing season and you can even camp safely under the trees for a relaxing time.

The Gocek Gulet Charter is the best summer present you can give yourself and your loved ones. Gocek Gulet Charter is the best alternative for people searching for a unique summer vacation, with coastlines rich in natural beauty, charming coastal villages, and historical attractions.
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